Bringing 12+ years experience in fire performance and flow, Remy offers an array of personalized workshops to awaken a connection with your unique flow. All performances and workshops are offered on a sliding scale.

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Whilst practicing with my fire fans in Cambodia, looking for new inspiration on dance and flow, Remy with a small group of people joined, an impromptu workshop formed. Using my fans he taught me how to relax into a free rhythmic dance which is much like a dance from my mother country Zimbabwe. The flows and ebbs, each time when there was a particular flow movement which anyone had struggles forming he had the patience to break down each movement so it could be understood and followed. It was inspiring to be a part of. In 2018 we joined again on the same island were I was witness to his ever-constant positive energy, great leadership skills, his gentle teaching; a person who I would truly love to work with again.
— L.M.

I don’t think I can put into words how much I admire and appreciate Remy. His passion, his creativity, his vulnerability - I love all of it. He’s one of my favorite flow artists who helped me tap into a whole new aspect of my flow that I’m not sure I would have found on my own, and I’m so, so eternally grateful that Remy was willing to share his knowledge to help me become a more authentic version of myself.
— T.S.