Donation-Based Intuitive Massage


Remy does clothes-on, upright seated Intuitive Massage - all the healing benefits of bodywork with a more connected and personalized touch than a spa. Through relaxing breathwork and meaningful music of your choice, he will move your body to the beat and for 25 minutes flow through a session, focusing on your main areas of tension. Remy specializes in back and shoulders. 100% donation based with no recommended amount.


Remy gives intuitive massage like nothing I have ever experienced. I felt so safe in Remy’s hands. He has such an amazing gift to share. I felt unbelievable afterwards with so much energy. Highly recommend you do yourself a favour and try for yourself!
— A.P.
Remy has an intuitive technique that is just MAGIC. He has done bodywork on me numerous times, both while pregnant and not, and he has a way of finding and working out all the painful spots while he holds space beautifully and welcomes full expression of pent-up emotions. I’ve seen him put his hands on strangers at restaurants and watched them go limp with relief. If you haven’t experienced Remy’s hands, GO!!!
— M.D.
I met Remy in 2017 on an island in Cambodia, it was my first time at a fire Spinning festival and was feeling out of my depth. He showed me true friendship and offered to provide me a massage with energy healing to help calm my mind and body, the session was beautiful and intense, his touch was almost an instant calm of feeling you were in care of a person of trust. He guided me each step and afterwards I could not help but glow and feel more connected to the event and the people around me.
— L.M.
Give yourself the gift of a massage from Remy! He creates such a connective and safe container for the process of intuitive massage, and you’ll end your session feeling relaxed and blissful. After 1 month of travel, a session with Remy got me rebalanced and grounded, and worked out all the tension in my shoulders.
— K.H.